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The navigation bar is located immediately underneath the banner at the top of each page. The table below lists each item in the bar along with a short description.

NMPDR Return to the home page for the NMPDR website.
SEED Work with the public version of the SEED Environment for genome annotation.
Annotation Clearinghouse Visit the Annotation Clearinghouse, a web database of assertions about features and protein encoding genes. You can upload your own assertions or view others.
RAST Use the Rapid Annotation Server to electronically annotate large Genomes. For more about this service, read our paper at FIG.BioMed Central.
MG-RAST Use the Metagenomics Rapid Annotation Server, a variant of the RAST for metagenomes? .
Annotations Display all the annotations submitted to the Annotation Clearinghouse for a selected genome.
Proteomes Display a table of Bidirectional Best Hits between selected genomes. The table is color-coded so you can visualize the genetic distance between the organisms represented.
Subsystems Compare the metabolic pathways used by two organisms.
Signature Genes Find genes that are common among selected genomes or differentiate two sets of genomes.
FIGfams Find the protein family of a FASTA Format amino acid sequence.
KEGG maps View the KEGG diagrams for a particular genome.
BLAST or Scan Search for protein or DNA sequences using BLAST or our advanced pattern-scanning tool.
Genes Search for genes in selected genomes using keywords, a specific subsystem, or both.
Organisms View a summary of NMPDR core organisms and a list of supporting organisms.
Subsystems View the tree of subsystems, and do keyword searches in individual subsystems or subsystem categories.

Protein Targets Search for genes using a combination of useful criteria.
Batch ID Search Find genes from an uploaded file of IDs.
Index of Search Tools Select one of the Sprout Database search tools.
Publications See a list of journal papers that reference the NMPDR.
Essential Genes Explore genes determined to be essential in genome-wide screens.
Drug Targets Pipeline Read about our drug target pipeline.
Teaching with NMPDR View presentation materials and student assignments designed to use the NMPDR as a teaching tool.
Downloads Download links for the NMPDR Core Genomes? .
NMPDR Source Code View the documentation of the NMPDR source and access the download links.
Attributions View a list of the tools and data sources used to build the NMPDR.
Cells, Reagents, Databases, Images View links to databases of interest to the bionformatics? community.
Bioinformatics Resource Centers Learn about the BRC project and the web sites that are participating in it.
Regional Centers of Excellence View the ten regional centers established by the Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research initiative.
Research Links Search for information on general-interest and bioinformatics web sites.
Where to Start If you're new to the NMPDR, learn how to mine our Sprout Database and read examples of how to use this site to answer biological questions about DNA and proteins.
Glossary Read our glossary of useful terms.
FAQ See our answers to frequently asked questions.
Tutorials and Workshops Learn how to use the NMPDR.
Help Index Go to the home page for all our help materials.
SOPs View our standard operating procedures.
Contact Us View EMAIL and address information about the NMPDR staff.

Hierarchical Site Map

The NMPDR is divided into sections called webs, each with a different purpose. Inside each web, the pages are organized into a hierarchy, reflected in the breadcrumbs underneath the navigation bar. The major hierarchy of each web is shown in the tree below.

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