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This is the home for the NMPDR Standard Operating Procedures. Some of these procedures are useful to regular users of the site (these are marked UserGroup in the Audience column. Others are only used by our staff for development and maintenance purposes. These last are made available as a part of our commitment to being an open resource.

Procedure Index

Site Usage Procedures

ID Title
SOP010 Annotating a Feature
SOP031 Finding a Degenerate Peptide Motif in Selected Organisms
SOP032 Finding Genes that May Be Characteristics of a Phenotype
SOP033 Finding Genes that are Important in Specific Types of Pathogens

Site Maintenance Procedures

ID Title
SOP101 Creating Diagrams in the NMPDR Wiki
SOP102 Fixing a Content Error in the Live NMPDR Website
SOP201 NMPDR Wiki Refresh
SOP202 Nmpdr Lightweight Code Update
SOP203 Updating Kegg Maps
SOP204 Building a New Development Nmpdr
SOP205 Staging a New NMPDR
SOP206 Simple Tests
SOP207 Updating the FigFams
SOP208 Investigating an NMPDR Application Error
SOP209 Importing NCBI Taxonomy Data
SOP210 Producing the Monthly Statistics
SOP301 Importing Functional Coupling Data
SOP302 Installing a Sapling Database

SOP Web Utilities

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